Innosilicon T2TZ vnish firmware

How to install innosilicon T2TZ firmware vnish

ATTENTION : The firmware is working only with INNOSILICON T2Tz

Download, unzip, read manual.


26 TH/s – 1900 watt (73 watt -TH/s)

30 TH/s – 2350 watt (78 watt -TH/s)  


26 TH/s – 2300 watt (88 watt -TH/s)


T2Tz is a BTC mining asic, released by Innosilicon in August 2018. It functions on SHA-256 algorithm. Flexible in operation – can easily switch from BTC mining to eMark, Peercoin and other coins. The hash rate is 25 TH/s with a power consumption of 2200W.

The Innosilicon T2T line of asics has become one of the most convenient for bitcoin mining and cryptocurrency profits, even with younger and more powerful models. A perfect combination of final cost, hash rate.

Asik-miner has a compact structure (dimensions 422h142h213 mm) and a small weight (10 kg). The device is cooled by two standard coolers. Operates at temperatures from – 0 ° to 40 ° C. The noise level is 72 dB. Power supply is on top of the design (efficiency from 92%).

The device has a fairly simple and straightforward interface that does not require any special knowledge. This, by the way, is a huge difference and advantage of mining on asics from mining on video cards.

To summarize, I would like to say that the T2T is notable for its reliability. They are often called kalashas in mining.