Antminer L7 vnish firmware

How to install

There are several options for installing the antminer L7 vnish firmwar. The first option is to install using SD card, the second option is to install without an SD card directly to NAND of the miner using the VNISH TOOLKIT

SD CARD: Download the SD IMAGE , unzip and read manual ( Use SD card to install the firmware (not more than 16gb, FAT 32) Insert the SD card with VNISH FIRMWARE and turn on the asic, if you pull out the SD card the BITMAIN firmware will return. If you need to update the version of vnish firmware which you are already using on the SD card or in NAND you need to download the firmware WEB SD update file and use upgrade function in the firmware.

NAND INSTALL: Download NAND INSTALL IMAGE and VNISH TOOLKIT ( unzip, read manual how to install )

Modes antminer 7 firmware

8500 Mh/s – 3000 watt (0,35 watt – Mh/s)
9000 Mh/s – 3200 watt (0,35watt – Mh/s)
9500 Mh/s – 3400 watt (0,35 watt – Mh/s)
10000 Mh/s – 3700 watt (0,37 watt – Mh/s)
11000 Mh/s – 4300 watt (0,39 watt – Mh/s)

9050 TH/s – 3260 watt (0,36 watt – Mh/s)

version 1.2.5 Rc1

Added 📢

  • Add support for Antminer S21 (AMLogic)
  • Add support for Antminer T21 (AMLogic/CVitek)
  • Add support for the Antminer S19k Pro submodel (BHB56903-)
  • Add new presets for S19 Hydro and S19 Pro Hydro
  • Display serial numbers and stock hashrates miner on the side panel
  • Implement heatmaps for Antminer S21/T21
  • Include “max_rpm” fan parameter in the fans object on the summary response
  • Introduce new ‘chains’ route on the API

Changed 🚩

  • Update water temperature checks on Hydro miners
  • Adjust preset switcher temperature differentials
  • Improve autotuning functionality
  • Enhance miner stability
  • Make minor UI/UX adjustments

Fixed ✅

  • Fix memory leaks and firmware hangs on CVitek
  • Fix position sensor issues for T19
  • Resolve configuration loss after power loss
  • Correct profiles for Antminer S19i, S19 Hydro
  • Improve autotune issues with S19i