Antminer L3+/L3++ (700 Mh/s)


ATTENTION: Firmware is working with Antminer L3+/L3++

If you see the message: can not find signature when you flash the asic with VNISH firmware you need to take off bitmain software protection. This message means that your asic has BITMAIN firmware 2019 year that has overwrite protection.

If you have BITMAIN firmware 2019 you can remove the protection using the SD card image (all files you can download from this page).

You can check the firmware version in the System - file system version section




3.8.8 version
505 MH/s - 650 watt 
580 MH/s - 850 watt  
620 MH/s - 1000 watt  
700 MH/s - 1200 watt
505 MH/s -  850 watt 




1) Fixed fan error at low fan speed
2) Fixed function find Asic on the farm

1) Fixed error with on / off ssh.

2) Fixed the bug when miner didn’t run with only one stratum in the settings.
3) Fixed manual fans adjustment.
4) Added #xnsub for nicehash.


1) General stability and driver refactoring.
2) Quick save settings and response of (web gui).
3) Added temperature hold function (chip target temp).
4) The autotune algorithm has been improved.
5) Activated the multiplier for the mass distribution of the config.
6) Added the function for mass distribution password change.
7) Added function for mass distribution off / on ssh.
8) Modified profiles and added values for consumption.
9) Added silent start option.
10) Added standby mode option when internet loss.
11) Added error output for fans to the log.
12) Corrected the error when lowering by HW did not turn off.
13) Fixed a bug when the miner did not turn off at the set temperature.
  1. Overall stability
  2. Added the ability to choose between a complete restart of the ASIC and the restart of only the cgminer in Autotune section;
  3. In addition to the automatic system for viruses checking we Added manual checking and disinfection in the Security section, including the new AntBuild virus;
  4. Fixed connection to the monitoring;
  5. Added the Find Miner function to the config multiplier to search for more miners at once;
  6. Changed the format of downloading the log file in txt;
  7. the new function "sleep mode" when it is turned on, the mining stops and the fans drop to minimal. The function is available in the config multiplier;
  8. Fixed problem with DevFee error exit.